10lb Challenge January 2022

So, you wanna lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks? You CAN do this! Here are the details.

How: You can choose to lose weight however you’d like. We will, however, provide our preferred way. Don’t worry, no fad diets.

Weight: You must weigh in at Destination Fitness or virtually Jan 1st – 3rd.   There are no official weigh ins until the contest is over. Final weigh in must be completed March 26th – 28th at Destination Fitness or virtually. Both weights must be taken on the same scale.

Support: Once you register, you’ll be added to a Facebook group. This is where we will post strategies, tips, recipes and encouragement. You will also be able to ask questions via this group, as answering those will help everyone.

Cost: Up to $110. What does that mean? Well, it means that you write a check to Destination Fitness for $110 to participate. Destination Fitness keeps $60. The other $50 gets split up among everyone who actually loses 10 lbs. So, if 10 people sign up and only 1 person sticks with it, they would get $500. If everyone loses 10 lbs, you’d just get $50 back. Why the cost? It’s good for people to “have a little skin in the game,” and it’s a great motivator. Members get $10 off registration. Non Members register here. Members send an email to register: julie@destinationfitnessmn.com


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