Claire Lemp

Hi there! My name is Claire, and I’m so excited to begin teaching at Destination Fitness. I never know what to say about myself, but here are some things you (might) want to know about me:

  •  I’ve been teaching fitness classes for four years (and may have a slight bias towards anything Pilates or Barre related). I LOVE THE FACT THAT WE CAN MOVE OUR BODIES.
  • I graduated from UMD last May with a degree in Secondary Education.
  • I love food. And cooking. And am a whole-food and healthy-cooking nut.
  • People tease me for eating an obscene amount of cucumbers.
  • I lived in Rennes, France for a year and ate a lot of bread and cheese.
  • I was a trail guide in the BWCA for a summer. Craziest job ever.
  • I got married a month ago! My husband’s name is Max and he’s great. I’m still trying to get used to using the word “husband”.
  • I draw flowers. All the time.
  • Max and I are going on staff with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at UMD, and will be spending this next year preparing and raising funds for that.
  • I love hiking, camping, Harry Potter, reading A LOT, hearing people’s stories, and learning the guitar (actually I am hating that right now, but hopefully it gets better).
  • I have an odd humor, inherited from my parents, so don’t be surprised when I say weird things
  • I’m the kind of person you might not expect to be challenged by. But you should come to my classes!
  • Looking forward to meeting you too!

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