Destination Transformation:

Start 2022 fresh. This is a virtual 90 day program designed to help you rethink diet and exercise in a way that is fun and uncomplicated. We begin Jan 1st.

What’s Included:

  • Daily Exercises you can do at home
  • Weekly live workouts you can do with us or on your own
  • Diet advice
  • Talks on other topics affecting our health
  • A Fun and Supportive Community

Platform: Facebook

Cost: $50 for the first 50 that register and $60 after that. That’s only 60 cents a day!!

Sign Up for Destination Transformation and get $10 off your 10lb challenge registration

How to Get Started: Click HERE to sign up. Once you register, you’ll be added to a Facebook group. This is where we will post exercises, strategies, tips, recipes and encouragement. You will also be able to ask questions via this group, as answering those will help everyone.



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