Let’s go way back to elementary school. I loved watching and playing sports. I would play games in gym class and at recess- come home- and brag about how good I was in all these sporting activities. My dad started playing catch with me and realized I always stated how I threw a great pass – or made such a good catch. He listened to me as I continuously complimented myself while never giving any credit to the others playing. After stating a rule of “no organized sports until junior high”, he relented while I was in fourth grade to teach me a lesson in humility. That’s how my athletic story began…. A little lesson on “no I in TEAM” turned into a long, successful career in wrestling, basketball, football, and track. In college, I was fortunate enough to play a game I loved while obtaining my exercise science degree and taking classes in health education. Football had always kept me in shape and I learned so many other valuable lessons in weight training, sports conditioning, and coaching others.

After my college career ended, I started working for a distribution center. It was amazing how well I could stay in “lifting shape” while being on the truck. I was still strong and trim, but could feel my cardio slipping. I joined a one-hand touch football team as an outlet to continue to play the game I loved – while trying to get back to the shape I was in college. I remember coming back from playing on Sundays and still feeling my legs on Wednesday!!! I needed something else to do and I did not like how out of shape I was getting.

Like Julie mentioned, we joined the Y in 2008 and I had no problem getting back into lifting shape. The cardio would come, and with my exercise science background, I started putting a plan of sorts together to help me achieve my goal. That was the problem…. What was my goal? What am I training for? What am I trying to achieve? For the first time in 15 years, I was no longer training for a sport. I needed something to drive me. I needed a reason to be at the gym after a 10-hour day on the truck. Enter triathlon.

This was it! I became fascinated with this sport. The Y had a “cycle camp” class where I figured out how to bike. I could not believe how exhausted one could get while riding a stupid bicycle! I started running. I could always run – however my 4.6 40-yard dash speed was not going to help me in a 5k. I started running for mileage. Pacing was something totally new. I hit the pool and became friends with a man named Tim Keppers. He was a fantastic swimmer and graciously took the time to teach me how to swim efficiently. It was fantastic! I couldn’t wait to begin the racing season.

Around this time, Julie had started working again. She started at the Y and you know her story about becoming a personal trainer. We talked about our future. I felt I could not do my job forever, and I was wishing I was doing a job that I could use my degree in. I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed. Julie would come home and she always seemed happy with what she was doing. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could do that too. As Destination Fitness was born, I went out and started personal training as well. From my experiences with overseeing the weight program at my high school to tracking/developing an off-season training program for one of our college sports’ teams – I felt like I had a lot to offer. I gained a ton of knowledge and expanded my certifications to include a USAT Level 1 Triathlon coach.

Certifications Held:

  • Personal Trainer
  • USAT Level 1 Triathlon coach.
  • Group Exercise
  • Senior Fitness
  • CPR & AED





Muscle Pump is designed to build strength as well as burn calories. Our heart rates will be higher than Pilates but lower than boot camp.  We will be working every major muscle group with light and heavy weights. Exercises may include chest press, squats, lunges, and triceps extensions. Sign up HERE If you are new,
TRX Short and sweet. This 30 minute class will build strength and cardio capacity. Sign up HERE You’ll need to create a login if it is your first time signing up.
This fast paced yoga class focuses on balance, strength and flexibility, and is sure to be a challenge to everyone. It is a mix of yoga, Pilates and muscle pump. We use light weights and a yoga mat. Both are supplied. Sign up HERE
Meet at the Bayfront Park playground. We’ll hike/jog to the Zen Garden from there. Activities will include running stairs, using park benches, wall sits and more.    Sign up HERE
In this 60 minute core class, we will work every muscle around that waist, once, twice and maybe 3 times. Sign up HERE
Let the sweating begin. We will use all the space we can to get our heart rates up. Class starts with a group warm up consisting of active stretching, jumping jacks, high knees, etc. Examples of exercises are: jump rope, step-ups on the benches, core work, basketball shuffle, etc. For the last portion of class,