Check out this blog from our very own Machelle Kendrick. Machelle has been making some fabulous lifestyle changes! We are so proud of her progress. My favorite part about this is that it’s not just about losing weight, looking better, etc. It’s about self confidence and being healthy. Love, love, love this. She is a great writer; check it out when you get a chance!

I’m Machelle Kendrick and I’m excited to take on this new challenge.  I love living in Duluth, Minnesota, even though the winters are long and cold, I still think it’s a great place for me to get moving.  Spring, Fall and Summer offer so  many outdoor opportunities to be active and when the weather doesn’t cooperate for an outdoor workout, you’ll find me tracking steps at the Miller Hill Mall where I am the Director of Marketing and Business Development. My trainers, motivators and friends at Destination Fitness in Duluth give me the structure, support and techniques I’ve needed to get started.  If you’re looking to get moving – check them out.
Machelle Kendrick


Muscle Pump is designed to build strength as well as burn calories. Our heart rates will be higher than Pilates but lower than boot camp.  We will be working every major muscle group with light and heavy weights. Exercises may include chest press, squats, lunges, and triceps extensions. Sign up HERE If you are new,
TRX Short and sweet. This 30 minute class will build strength and cardio capacity. Sign up HERE You’ll need to create a login if it is your first time signing up.
This fast paced yoga class focuses on balance, strength and flexibility, and is sure to be a challenge to everyone. It is a mix of yoga, Pilates and muscle pump. We use light weights and a yoga mat. Both are supplied. Sign up HERE
Meet at the Bayfront Park playground. We’ll hike/jog to the Zen Garden from there. Activities will include running stairs, using park benches, wall sits and more.    Sign up HERE
In this 60 minute core class, we will work every muscle around that waist, once, twice and maybe 3 times. Sign up HERE
Let the sweating begin. We will use all the space we can to get our heart rates up. Class starts with a group warm up consisting of active stretching, jumping jacks, high knees, etc. Examples of exercises are: jump rope, step-ups on the benches, core work, basketball shuffle, etc. For the last portion of class,