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Destination Fitness is looking to bring some dance back within its walls. You know, turn the bass up and the lights down. While we don’t know exactly what that will look like permanently, we do have 1 class on the calendar for November on the 29th. Please register in advance.

Jeannine Leste Bio 

Dance has been a passion of mine starting from the age of 5 here at a local studio and it followed me thru to my high school days on the Duluth East dance team.

I have taught for Just Kix Dance Company in Hermantown back in early 2000’s and have also coached high school dance teams for 13 years with schools from Duluth Marshall, Duluth East, and Hermantown/Proctor.

I am nearing 40 years old and I want to get my body back in shape thru dance. Anyone else? I have choreographed for high school teams and now I want to do something for us adults.

Class Description:

I’m very excited to bring an Adult dance class to the northland for all levels as it is a way for us to express our movement as we age.

The class will be choreographed to some of our favorite music and you will enjoy a fusion of good beats and dynamic dance moves while being in a fun and free environment .
I want to make this class for all adult ages and all levels of experience. There will be ways to change the choreography to the level and comfort of each individual. With that being said I do want to challenge everyone as well.

 ~ Jeannine Leste



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