Inspiration Story 10 – Alexis


Stats: Age 32   Weight After: -24LBS!  DF Services: Fitness Classes

I have always been pretty active person. I was an athlete (runner) in high school and college. I ‘broke-up’ with competitive running in college. Training had begun to feel like work and my fire was burned out. I stepped away from running for a little while. After nearly 9 years of being ruled by workouts, races and training plans I was adrift without the structure and my teammates.


After college I was able to find a running partner and we trained together. Running became fun again. I completed a couple half-marathons. I moved to Minnesota eight years ago. I spent much of my time the first four years hiking, cross country skiing and running. I completed Grandma’s marathon, despite the extreme heat and humidity that year.


During the last few years my motivation began to fall away away again and excuses crept back in as they do for so many of us: “There isn’t enough snow to cross country ski.” “It’s too cold to go for a run.” “ I can’t ride my bike to work today because I don’t have enough time.” “Mark (my husband and workout buddy) is out of town, I don’t want to run by myself.”


Throughout Summer 2014 I would see the Destination Fitness crew walking back from their Yoga Tone workouts on the dock. I was fed up with feeling run down and weak. I needed a way to build strength and get in shape. I spent so many years on a team, that I know working out in a group is a good fit for me. I started by going to YogaTone about 2 times a week. By the winter I had added in morning TKO. When Spring of 2015 rolled around I alternated in a weekly Boot Camp class.


Some of my good friends and high school teammates planned a reunion at a half marathon trail race in my hometown in September. Early in the spring I registered and began to train for my first distance race in over 5 years. To my surprise and excitement I was far stronger than I expected. Training was still tough, to be sure, but I could tell my core, my legs and my endurance were all improving. I ran all summer and did cross training with DF classes. The trail race was extremely challenging, but I stayed strong and was happy with my run.


Joining the group classes with Destination Fitness was the perfect way for me to jump start my fitness routine and now helps me stay on track. Julie keeps the workouts challenging and fresh. I commit to at least two classes a week and find it easier and easier to fill my other days with outdoor activities. Besides feeling so much stronger, I am enjoying being able to shop for clothes a size smaller than last year! I am so glad I took the first step and even more grateful that I can back to a second class (the few classes can result in soreness for days…). I am looking forward to another great year with Destination Fitness!




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