Inspiration Story 17 – Machelle


Deceived No More!  The Value of the PUSH from Destination Fitness

The funny thing about exercising is the deception.  We frequently think about it in terms of what we have to do, rather than what we get to do.  When we think about working-out we deceive ourselves into believing that we shouldn’t sweat, be sore, or that we will never get into shape. And when we think about investing in personal training we deceive ourselves into thinking that it is too much of a luxury spend.

But the most devastating deception is to yourself – when you think that you can put off your health and wellness for one more day.

As a client, I admit that I think to myself often, “My personal trainers are trying to kill me!”  I can’t tell you the number of times Mike has decided the Sisyphean workout for the day is running the stairs at the DECC or in front of the Aquarium, pushing a 45 lb. weight from one side of the room to the other or he designs some new sprinting torture on the treadmill.  Then there is Julie, who is always just two seconds away by text, checking in to see what workout time you have scheduled for the week or following up with you to see exactly how sore you are from the previous nights Yoga Tone.  So it begs the question: “Machelle,” (that’s me)  “If Julie and Mike are trying to kill you, why have you continued to invest in Destination Fitness’s services for over a year?

Here’s the answer for me and I am positive it is the answer for you: you pay for the push.  And, that push from Mike and Julie is valuable.

When we are comfortable, we have a tendency to do as we please (at least I do) we eat alongside a friend who has the metabolism of teenager or we couch and screen it after dinner.  Here’s a hard truth about that: time flies when you are wasting it.

We behave another way when we are uncomfortable. Ask me to attend Boot Camp with Julie after work I’ll be looking at the clock on the wall the whole time and wishing for the time to pass faster. Here’s the hard truth about that: time invested in exercise adds more hours in your day.

Without the PUSH from Destination Fitness my physical and mental health would be a directionless mess.  I would put off the class for any excuse that comes along without that PUSH by text from Julie.  I’d never run a set of stairs for 15 minutes at a time without that PUSH from Mike.  And that PUSH resulted in 5 successful 5k’s (all runs taking place before 7:00am I’d like to add) and many non-scale victories like better posture, better sleep, and … better sex.  I can say that because I’m 50.

With their pushing… and even my own, I’m no longer a sucker for the quick fix.  The sweat makes me sparkle, and the soreness reminds I can do this.  I can feel myself getting into the best shape in years.  My investment in personal training and group fitness classes with Destination Fitness will hopefully give me the luxury of a healthy next 50 years.



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