Inspiration Story 18 – Mimi Stender


A few years ago, I was in a workout slump. I never stopped jogging (slowly), but I had quit going to the gym or doing any kind of strength training. I felt like my core was jelly – even while jogging, but most importantly, I had lost confidence. I was strangely afraid to work out in a gym with other people around; that is something I used to do with no problem. I really was in a big slump. A friend (Thank you Shar!) encouraged me to join her in a TRX class with Julie. I had known Julie for some time, but had never approached her to help me with my own fitness. I loved the class, but the time wasn’t sustainable for me. So, I made one of the best decisions ever – I hired Julie for personal training. The rest is history…

In a very short time, I was back on track. The great thing about Julie and Destination Fitness is their custom approach to my needs and their flexibility in location. My fitness goals are ever changing and Julie adapts our training time together to assist me in attaining my goals. Mike created a running training plan for me that helped me improve my running pace; he even worked with Malcolm Macaulay to include the revolutionary Light Speed* running system into my training plan. Julie has helped me recover from a labral tear in my hip and helped me to recover more quickly after ACL reconstruction surgery. My daughters and I have done group workouts with Julie, which are some of my favorite memories in the past couple of years. Currently, Julie trains my daughter and a group of her friends once or twice a week right in our basement. The girls love it! And, it is a great solution to incorporate fun fitness into very busy teens’ schedules.

I feel very blessed to have Julie as a trainer. Even though, I love to work out in the gym, and feel confident to try new things on my own or with other groups, I continue to look forward to my weekly training session with Julie. She helps keep me motivated, positive, and healthy!

*To find out more about the Light Speed Running and Rehab System, check out their website:



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