Inspiration Story 21 – Niki


Stats: Age: 44  Height: 4’5”  Weight Before: 283  Weight After: 193

My name is Niki and I have Down Syndrome. Some of my favorite things to do involve sitting; such as watching TV and coloring. Just like everybody else, I love my sweets too. Before 2011 I was doing too much sitting and eating and not enough moving and I weighed 283 lbs. When I moved into a new home, I couldn’t even walk up the steps to get inside, or fit into a normal car. My caregivers got me moving and helped me make better choices with my food. I began working out at STEPS which is a program at Udac where I work. I also began working with Julie, my personal trainer in March of 2013. She comes to my house and helps me get going. We go on walks, bike rides, play “Just Dance” on the Wii, lift weights, and play catch. Throughout these past 4 years I have worked hard and slowly lost the weight. Now I can bike for miles at a time and I no longer need a lift to get up the stairs. Life will be easier now that I weigh 193 and am still losing pounds.


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