Inspiration Story 9 – Amy


I had allowed years (years!) to pass without facing my problem of increasing pounds. The amount of work needed to get into shape overwhelmed me. I doubted my ability to do it and – to be honest – my commitment to the process.

Then, about three months ago, I met Julie and Mike of Destination Fitness. Their positive attitude and their straight-up approach of “well, of course you can do this” made a believer of me. Julie and I began meeting 1-on-1. We agreed on my first goal: make regular exercise a part of my life.

With Julie’s encouragement, I’m so happy to say that I am regularly exercising now! She taught me some basic strength training, and, through testing, we’ve seen significant improvement in my strength already. That success and progress is highly motivating.

Julie’s approach to fitness is really effective. During the workout, she pushes me enough to make it challenging, but not so difficult that I get discouraged. I leave every workout with a sense of accomplishment. Julie’s accept-no-excuses style has gotten me over an “all-or-nothing” habit. For example, she recommended tracking food and exercise. Previously, I would have stopped tracking if I ate too many calories one day. I would have used that “failure” to tell myself that “tracking doesn’t work for me.” I now see that as another excuse. Through Julie, I see the value of tracking to be awareness and an increasing motivation to make better – not 100% perfect – choices.

The weight-loss challenge ahead of me now seems possible!

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