“Whatever you do to serve and support the people who work with and for you, that tells them you care. When people feel cared about, they come alive. And that makes workers more engaged and more productive, and it becomes a virtuous and prosperous cycle.”

Here are some of the benefits that employers are enjoying when they offer corporate wellness programs to their employees.

• Reduced turnover
• Reduced medical, disability, and workers’ compensation expenses
• Reduced absenteeism
• Increased job satisfaction for employees
• Greater worker productivity

A study found that for every dollar invested in a comprehensive workplace wellness program, companies saved $3.27 in medical cost and $2.73 in costs related to absenteeism.

What can Destination Fitness do for your company? Keep in mind that Destination Fitness will come to your business.
Offering ways to get in shape is just the beginning for comprehensive wellness.

• Small group classes
• Organize other fitness activities such as walks, basketball games, etc.
• Put together healthy challenges
• Meet the trainer times where employee’s can “pick our brains.”
• Arrange for speakers to come to talk about subjects such as smoking cessation and packing healthy lunches.

I can’t say enough great things about Julie! Shes fun, energetic, and motivational. My friend got me into HIIT and TRX and after only about a month and a half (7 classes of each) I’m honestly in the best shape I’ve ever been in! Not to mention I’ve lost about an inch from each leg…for someone who has always thought of themselves as “in shape” that was huge for me. Julie took me to a whole different level and I’m addicted to the results!”