Winter 2022: 6 week session

 Girls Fitness is open to all girls from 4th grade on up.

Listen to why Hannah loves this program.

 The workouts will focus on:

  • developing speed and quickness
  • increasing strength
  • building a strong core
  • expanding overall fitness, confidence and body awareness

This unique program is open to all abilities and skill levels; so whether your daughter just needs to get moving or she wants to be better at her sport, she will fit in.                                   

To register: send an email to In your email, include the following:

Your name – whom you are registering

6 Week Program: Wednesdays @ 4:30-5:15pm

Jan 5th – Feb 9th


  Non – Members: Drop-In: $20    All Sessions: $90

Members: Drop-In: $15    All Sessions: $80