Destination Fitness was designed to be versatile. Our possibilities are endless. Here are some of the things Destination Fitness can help you with. Strength training, Weight Loss, Cardio Conditioning, Limited Mobility. Personal training is just that…personal. The nice thing about working with someone 1 on 1 is that we can really dial in on what your goals are and tailor fit a program specifically for you.

Strength Training
Have we all heard that muscle burns more calories than fat? Do you know how to lift properly? Our personal trainers can show you the most effective, safe, and fun lifting techniques.

Weight Loss
Our trainers will work with you to find a weight loss program that best suits you. We will provide nutritional counseling as well as fun, fantastic workouts to get you losing weight fast! Click here for some of our own weight loss stories.

Cardio Conditioning
Need to work on your speed, quickness, agility? Or perhaps simply want to be able to run a mile? We can help.


Limited Mobility
Is this your reality? No problem. Destination Fitness would love to help you get fit even if it means from a chair. We know it can be tough to get to a gym and that is why we will come to you.

60 Minute Personal Training Packages

Single:  A single 60-minute personal training session is $62.00.

5 Sessions: 5 – 60-minute personal training sessions is $299.00.

10 Sessions: 10 – 60-minute personal training sessions is $571.00.

15 Sessions: 15 – 60-minute personal training sessions is $818.00.

20 Sessions: 20 – 60-minute personal training sessions is $1040.00.

45 Minute – Single Sessions

30 Minute – Single Sessions

1 Hour – Buddy Sessions

45 Minute – Buddy Sessions

30 Minute – Buddy Sessions

60 Minute – 3 Person Buddy Sessions

45 Minute – 3 Person Buddy Sessions

30 Minute – 3 Person Buddy Sessions