Hey Crew,

Good News!! We get to open for classes beginning Monday, Jan 4th. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. We are open for personal training and small group fitness both in person and virtual.
  2. If you plan to come back to the gym, we will need any borrowed equipment back ASAP.
  3. Classes will be limited to 9 participants.
  4. Masks must be worn the entire time…..minus a mask break or 2.
  5. Classes will still be streamed on Mindbody.
  6. When signing up for classes, make sure you sign up for the correct one. There will be one for those streaming from home and one for those attending the class in person. If no one signs up for the virtual class, we will not stream it at that time.
  7. To begin, please only sign up for 2 classes per week in person. (lunch classes do not count towards this)
  8. We will start by posting classes weekly so we can adjust if needed.
  9. Please have patience with our technology as we are always learning!!
  10. Since we have restarted classes, open gym time will be $5 for members again.