December Full Body Challenge

I know, I know….it’s the Holiday Season. So? This doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Don’t want to think about what to do? Let us help! This 31-day program will help you build strength and stamina so you can feel stronger working out, raking, shoveling, cleaning or just playing with the grandkids AND I will tell you what to do EVERY DAY! Overall strength & cardiovascular exercise is essential to your health. It can help with your heart health, metabolism, mental health and weight management. This Program runs December 1st – 31st.

Here is the plan:

  •  5 Days a week you’ll be given workouts that will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. 1 Day a week, you’ll be given stretches to do, and you’ll get 1 day a week off.
  •  Only equipment needed are light weights.
  •  Once You Purchase this “Membership” you’ll be added to a Private Facebook Group Where all of the Coaching takes Place.

Cost: $25.00

Register Here

Or Venmo $25.00 to @Julie-Hendrickson-26


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