Inspiration Story 1- JoAnn


So, I searched for a before picture to show you what I looked like before meeting Julie. To no surprise, none exists. I hated how I looked in pictures. Big, fat, disgusting is all I would see. I would always hide in the back. I didn’t like who I was, but I didn’t seem to be able to make myself change either despite my doctor telling me I needed to every time I saw her. Not so today. I may not be model thin, but I definitely feel much better about my image.

My story started a little over a year ago. The company I worked for had launched a corporate initiative to encourage their employees to become more fit. I, very reluctantly, signed on to the program. A miracle literally happened when one brave employee pleaded with our CEO to help us become more fit. He agreed and the next thing I know, we have onsite classes about to start. I signed up literally stating “I’ll give it a try but if I don’t like it I won’t be back”.  Internally, I was hoping I would like it because I knew I needed help.

Fast forward to our first class. I was nervous. I was out of shape, overweight, had heart palpations, and could barely walk any distance without feeling faint. And then my savior, literally, walked into the room. Julie has an incredible gift. She doesn’t see an unfit out of shape individual, she sees the potential you can be. If you want to disappoint her, just don’t try…at all. Any progress is a big gain in her view.

That first class was a killer! Every single move she had us do was excruciating. To say I was a tad sweaty would have been an understatement. I remember when she had us hold a standard plank for 10 seconds! All I remember is 8, 9…when is she going to say 10! Fast forward a year and I hold it for 60 seconds in each position. I still internally say when is she going to tell us to switch position but I also smile because I can do what I thought was impossible a year ago.

I find it hard to believe that I like the feeling of pure exhaustion, sweat running down my face and my heart rate so high it feels like it is about to burst out of my chest. Every one of these sensations just tells me I am pushing myself to be better. I may be sore after a class, but I know it is building strength and character for me.

Oh, and did I tell you that I run! Me. Actually running. A truly amazing thing. I went from feeling like I was going to pass out from a walk to running 3 miles three times a week. Sure, there are others that can go further but to me it is still unbelievable. I will be running and thinking, oh-my-gosh I really am doing this.

So, the moral of this story, never, ever say you can’t do something because…fill in the blank. I am pushing 60 and in perhaps the best shape of my life. I may not be able to keep up with all the others younger than me, but it doesn’t matter. All I have to do is try…and finish! And all of this is thanks to Julie and Destination Fitness. She proved to me that I can. Despite the difficulty of that very first class, I came back. You might ask why, it’s simple. I liked Julie, I felt she really wanted to help me and I felt comfortable in her presence. She really wants to help you to achieve the inner fitness she sees in you even if you can’t. She makes you believe you can and before you know it…you do!

My stats:
I am currently 57 years old. I started at 172 pounds and am now 150 and hope to get to my goal weight of 140 by next spring.

My dress size was 16 when I started (beginning to push 18). Shirts were always XL or XXL. Today I comfortably and surprisingly wear a size 12 and my shirts are a medium.

My lowest weight was 114 and a size 8 when I was 23.

testimonial1Here is my after photo. I’m in the front J And, fun factoid, it looks like I’m sitting but I’m not. I am actually squatting.


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