Inspiration Story 13 – Sue


Stats:   Age: 58   Height: 5’5”   Weight: 140 before and 128 After

I met Julie through my daughter Pam, who was doing personal training and fitness classes with D.F. I believe I had my first session early in 2014. I wasn’t a regular but began to enjoy my personal training time. I found that I needed that one on one to push me to work out. Being diabetic, and on medication for it, I knew I should be doing it anyways.

I moved away for about 9 months and when I returned, I realized I needed that workout time again. It has worked out to go early in the day on my day off. I believe it has motivated me to be more aware of my body shape and condition. Finding I have more energy was a bonus to having stronger muscles, especially in my upper body…as noted in my picture. The best outcome may be that my doctor has decreased my medication and my ALC is now lower since starting my workouts. Cheers to better health!

Susan Foster


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