Inspiration Story 14 – Tammy


My name is Tammy J and I started going to Destination Fitness in August with the intent being to go with my daughter to help with the cost of personal training.  I say that was the intent but ended up being something I looked forward to doing.  Watching my daughter succeed is amazing, but to be able to have my own accomplishment was fun. Julie is an amazing trainer. I would say there is no way I can do that (push a 45# weight across the floor and then do 5 push-ups 3 times.), she would say sure you can give it a try.  I was able to do it and feel good about that.

I have been exercising for a while, mostly cardio, Julie brings in the strength training and makes my workouts more rounded this way.  One thing I have grown to love is TRX, I was skeptical at first that this would give me a good work out; and it is so fun and challenging. I have also found that as I am getting older my balance is not quite what it was; this is improving by doing on legged strength moves (dead lifts) and TRX. Since trying different ways of strength training (yoga tone, TRX, Kettlebells, and stairs) I have gained more confidence in my body to push it further and know I can do it.  I have not really lost a lot of weight, (which is my goal), but that is not to say my body has not changed.  I have gone down 1 pant size since starting with Julie and hope in the future to lose more weight and get stronger.



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