Inspiration Story 16 – Michelle


No one likes to be called fat. Even hearing the phrase “ your too pretty to carry so much extra weight.”

Shame is not a great motivator to lose weight.

Add on fertility struggles and fertility  drugs and then all the joy of having PCOS.

Then having two babies pretty much back to back and you start to feel that being thin is never going to happen

It isn’t just a matter of eating well. You need to work out and then losing is still a battle.


Before taking Julie’s class I had taken some zumba classes and that is about it.

Thought if I power walked an hour a day I should be good. I walked and walked and walked and while it was good for me, it was not enough.

Never had done a yoga class or Pilates or even attempted a step class. Once I started taking the classes, my courage grew.

Felt encouraged and motivated to even do a 5k walk this past May with the Y for Mother’s Day.

Have a long way to go but I feel good about working out. It really has been not only a mental battle of “ I can’t do this” to I can!! I may take longer and be slower than anyone else but if I keep at it and not concentrate on what other people are doing I CAN DO THIS!!!

Something I never thought I would ever say. Fighting that fear to not care that I wasn’t the skinniest person in the room or the most fit.

I know it held me back for years… the fear of standing out or looking stupid.  Can say that Julie motivated me to do things I never thought I could or would do.

My number one goal is to be a healthy and fit mom for my kids.

Thank you Julie!



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