Inspiration Story 20 – Tara


I met Julie and Mike when I was a member at the YMCA and they both worked there as group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

I took various classes which Julie taught and I loved them! When Julie left the Y to teach elsewhere, I followed her! I love her classes and her teaching style.

I got pregnant in the fall of 2013, and had some heart palpitations and discomfort, so I pretty much stopped working out. After delivering my daughter, I was so looking forward to getting back into shape. Of course, it wasn’t as easy to work out at home as I imagined it would be. I wasn’t nearly as motivated by myself. In the summer I was able to walk, but as winter rolled around, I was getting more uncomfortable with my fitness level. My husband bought me personal training sessions with Julie, and they have been the best!

I have worked out with Julie almost every week for a year. She has really helped me get back on track. What I’ve learned most from Julie is that I don’t have to get weaker and slower with age. I can get way stronger (which I am!) and keep getting healthier. And, I am proud of myself! As my little one has grown, I am thankful for the strength in my core and my legs! Without my workouts with Julie, I wouldn’t be able to take our daily walks and hikes with my daughter on my back.



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