Inspiration Story 6 – Stephanie


Stats: Age: 26   Height 4’10″   Weight Before: 255   Weight After: 233

I love food and to eat, especially sushi. I have Down Syndrome but that is just an excuse to be overweight. Now I can admit that I am too heavy and I know that I can lose weight. It took an outside person from my day program to say something about my health and offer support and ideas.

One day my mom and I were driving and saw Julie with Destination Fitness working out with someone on the Lakewalk. We stopped to chat and got her contact info. My mom saw the chance for some help and she saw my willingness to commit!

In July I began working out with Julie 3 days a week. I am getting better at working out. I like all the different sports I do with Julie; Frisbee, soccer, ping pong and other machines. I used to walk at 1.5 miles per hour and now I can get to 3 miles per hour… I love getting faster. This has helped me go from 250 lbs. to 233 lbs. and losing. I want to be an artist, a dancer, be in romantic relationships, and never be 250 lbs. again.

Steph BeforeBefore

Steph After



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