Inspiration Story 8 – Mariah


I’m Mariah J and I’m 17 years old. I started my journey at the beginning of June and have since lost around 40 pounds. I started working out with Destination fitness in August and have had the best experience. Not only has Destination Fitness helped me reach my goal but Julie and the workout groups push me further than I believe I can go and shows me my potential and cheers me on along the way. I never thought I could have built so much strength, endurance and muscle but this process has proved me wrong. Julie not only is a great trainer physically but she truly inspires and motivates you to work hard on your whole wellness (body, mind and spirit.) I couldn’t thank Destination fitness team and Julie more for always being motivating and making every single workout something to look forward too!

In reality when I started my journey I never thought it would change so much of me. I never thought I could do so much with myself. Sometimes I truly doubted myself. It’s inevitable. But honestly to make a goal and actually accomplish it, feels like a dream. I am a senior in high school about to make my journey to the world of college in Bemidji this August. At that point I will weigh what I did even before 7th grade, not that I was healthy then, BUT that’s still something to be proud of. Very proud of. I can’t wait to see what the next couple months with my awesome coach and support have. This year is 100% one for the books.



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