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I joined the 90-day Destination Transformation at the beginning of January.  I, like several others, had slowed down on my exercises and gained weight during the pandemic.  I’m so glad I joined. By the end of January, I was down 5 lbs, and currently with only 2 weeks left, am down a total of 15 lbs.  I feel healthier and more energetic.  I missed a few days where I didn’t do the daily exercise, but between the exercises, stretching and diet talk, I feel it’s what I needed to get me motivated again and start living a healthier lifestyle.  I know I’ll sign up again.  I still have a way to go to be where I want to be with weight and daily activity, but with Julie’s encouragement I think I can get there. – Carole

Destination Transformation is Back.

Let’s get fit for summer. Want to look better in a bathing suit or even a sleeveless shirt? Needing to improve your strength for summer projects? Looking to keep up with your kids or grandkids? Let’s get you Fit For Summer!

8 Weeks: April 2nd – May 28th

No matter your reason, this program can help.

What’s Included:
• Daily Exercises you can do at home
• Weekly live workouts you can do with us or on your own
• Diet advice
• Talks on other topics affecting our health
• A Fun and Supportive Community

Be one of the first 20 to register and pay only $50.00. After that the price will jump to $60.00. Follow this link to register

Once you register, you’ll be added to a Facebook group where all of our coaching will take place.


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